Planning Your Disco or Party Function

Whatever disco, party or celebration you’re planning for takes an investment of your time and money and your entertainer is an integral part of that functions success (your enjoyment as well).  We have outlined some points, based on experience that you may wish to consider when making these plans.

The Venue:

This is obviously your choice and we will come to you, wherever and whenever, within reason..........  From the mobile disco perspective please understand that we are not coming to the celebration for a night out, we are providing a professional service and thus view things from a practical point of view. 

  • Can we access the building easily, safely and securely with our equipment?
  • Is the venue on the ground floor or accessed by stairs or lift?
  • Are we on a stage or on the floor? Does the stage have good access and is it stable? We've had a few bouncy and rickety ones over the years!
  • Mains power supply.  We will need at least 4 mains sockets (2 doubles will do).
  • Does the building have a sound limiting device fitted? This is really important because these can actually ruin a good night out. We are not out to deafen folk and there are inherent issues with listening to music that is too loud. However what is loud in an empty hall with no party goers is not so loud when the venue fills up and everyone is chatting and cheering and having a good time.  This in itself is often enough to set the limiter working and thus cutting power to the stage sockets and turning the music off.  This can spoil an atmosphere when guests are enjoying themselves, makes the entertainer look a little silly and can potentially damage the electronics that power the music system.

The Music:

Our aim is to entertain you and hopefully you are considering a booking with Vintage Boogie knowing that we specialise in classic retro Disco, Dance, Soul, Motown and Pop. This means that you will not hear the latest top 20, the big youtube sensation of the past week or the new phase just crossing the Atlantic.  Thus if you are booking for a mobile disco for a kids party, teenagers disco or Bar Mitzvah we may not be what you need.

  • We do not have a set play list, but obviously some music that we know works well for our audiences.
  • We have not premixed the whole night’s music last weekend so we can prop up the bar.
  • We carry enough music to play for whole week and not play the same tune twice, but please let us know if you have any favourites or dislikes, after all it’s your gig. If they are not suitable for the main evening they can sometimes be fitted into the warm up set at the start of the night, please feel free to ask, but not when we get to the gig, when you are booking......

The Function:

Based on years of firsthand experience gained most evening functions follow a similar pattern.

  • Many guests will not want to arrive first! Doors open at 7.00pm guests arrive from 7.15pm onwards and often not until 8.00pm or so.
  • Guests will want to come in, say hello, chat with friends and get to the bar.
  • Party food, this is great but needs to be served earlier in the evening. For some reason many parties don't get going until guests have had a bite and a drink and I have seen evenings never get going when hosts plan a 10.00pm feed.
  • Many venues will have licensing controls. Please check these to ensure they meet your needs and that you are allowed music and dancing after 10.30pm. Some village halls and clubs have strict controls on what is and isn't allowed.

The Big Day - Wedding Receptions:

These fall outside the realm of a ‘normal gig’ and could have any number of unique requirements based upon your wishes, it’s your special day, let us know what you want. Generally speaking you will need our services for a longer period of time and spread over the day. 

This often requires an earlier arrival and setup; you don’t want us lugging our kit in when you are having the speeches? You may need us to provide an PA system or background music for some of the time, please ask about these services and let us know what you want.