About the Vintage Boogie Mobile Disco

What we offer: Retro Disco's

Vintage Boogie is old school.... But good music is always good music right? So we play the classic tunes from the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and noughties.  We can do classic 70's and 80's disco nights, soul / motown or contemporary rock and pop or as is often the case, a mixture for everybody. Let us know what you need, I would much rather you have what you want than take a booking that won’t work for either of us, you are after all paying to be entertained!

 A Vintage Boogie retro disco would be good for 40th, 50th and 60th birthday parties, We have done older celebrations as as well. Wedding anniversaries, school reunions, pub and club discos with an older more mature (and experienced!) audience. We are specialists in 'retro discos' It's what we do. We may not be what you need if you want a kids disco, teenagers party, house music rave or heavy rock fest.  

Where we do it: Village Halls, Community Centres, Pubs & Clubs...

Actually I have played disco’s in a few farm barns in my time as well (gotta love the young farmers) We are based in Bedfordshire and usually work within about a 30 -40 mile radius which means we can offer mobile discos in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire but we could go further.... Where do you want us to play?

How we do it: ‘Old School’ Mobile Disco.

We like good music and quality sound and haven't graduated to laptops yet. No lost mp3 files here though I once had nasty moment when I left a box of records at home. The old double disco decks don’t quite offer the versatility needed so we have modern mixers, turntables and CD players and even a minidisc (old school right!) so I am pretty much covered. Then we have a great mobile disco sound system and some old school disco lighting with a few modern spinning things and flashing wotsits.

 I got into this mobile DJ'ing thing back in the late seventies, I stopped for while mid- late eighties (went travelling) but got asked for this party and that function so I kept my hand in and ear attuned.  It's not full time but I am my own boss so getting to your gig won't be around my other work commitments.

What we need: Space and power.

To setup the Vintage Boogie Roadshow time and space are key. It takes about two hours to get into most places and setup before we are ready to work. If your venue is up stairs or through the kitchen and down the hall please let us know.  Ideally we need about 6mts of frontage and 2.5mts depth to spread the show out right, we can tweak this for smaller venues if needs must. If you are worried, this sizing is generally about the dimensions of a reasonable village hall stage. But please let us know.

 Safety is key. We prefer to be on a stage if possible but it has to be secure for everybody, better a solid floor than a rickety stage. Access to Power points please - minimum of 2 double sockets, ideally 3.